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Cute Jigsaw Puzzle

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CuteJigsawPuzzle Product Description

Cute Jigsaw Puzzle is a collection of 50+ nice crafted beautiful cutout shapes with Animals, Flowers, Cityscapes images

Complete the jigsaw puzzles and achieve the best timings, beat your own scores or your family and friends

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun for children, help improve your memory skills, good to keep your mind in shape

Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Features

  • 50+ astonishing beautiful jigsaw puzzles grouped under Animals, Flowers and Cities titles
  • Different cutout shapes, play puzzles from 20 to 108 pieces
  • Allow multiple users to store and compare the timings for all the puzzles
  • Hall of Fame includes the best 10 scores for each puzzle
  • Send puzzzle gift to a friend
  • Hint: match a piece
  • Pause: stop the game timer and playing
  • Thumbnail and ghosts image hints
  • Select background pattern and color
  • Game timer: measure how fast you solve a jigsaw puzzle
  • Save/Load a game: saves and loads puzzles automatically for each user
  • Music track
  • Sounds associated to game events
  • System Requirements:

    • CPU: 1.5GHz
    • RAM: 1GB
    • Video memory: 128 MB
    • OS: Windows XP SP1/2003/Vista with DirectX 9.0 and .NET framework installed
    • Sound card
    • Disk space: ~100 MB

    FREE DEMO available
    Click here to download the free demo of Cute Jigsaw Puzzle


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    Free Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Demo Download
    FREE Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Demo
    Click here to download free Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Demo.
    The demo includes
    a selection from the puzzles in the full version.

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    Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Tutorial
    Click here for a Cute Jigsaw Puzzle tutorial

    Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshots

    Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshot

    Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshot

    Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshot

    Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshot

    Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshot

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