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CompliCat Four Rivers

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CompliCat Four Rivers Product Description

CompliCat Four Rivers is a version of the Chinese Shihen Sho. The traditional tiles and symbols were replaced with beautiful images with Cats, Animals, Flowers, Birds, Fruits&Vegetables.

The goal of the four rivers game is to eliminate all the tiles on the board and to achieve a high score to enter to Hall of Fame. The beautiful tiles are shuffled at the beginning of the game. All the games are solvable by the user.

Playing the game is very simple: just click and select two tiles with the same side free and the same image to remove them from the table. The game ends when all the tiles are removed from the board or when there is no matching pair available.

Complicat Four Rivers Features

  • 5 astonishing beautiful tilesets and backgrounds with Cats, Flowers, Animals, Birds, Fruits &Vegetables
  • 10 different layouts
  • 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult
  • Hall of Fame includes the best 10 scores
  • Undo the last pair removed
  • Hint: show a matching pair
  • Pause: stop the game timer and playing
  • Training mode: learn to play mahjong step by step
  • Demo mode: watch the computer playing
  • Customize tiles height
  • Customize tiles shadows size and color
  • Game timer: measure how fast you solve a game
  • Save/Load a game: save a game and play later
  • Zoom feature: right click on a tile to view it enlarged
  • Sounds associated to game events
  • System Requirements:

    • CPU: Pentium 200MHZ
    • RAM: 32 MB
    • OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
    • Sound card
    • Disk space: ~7 MB

    FREE DEMO available
    Click here to download the free demo of CompliCat FourRivers


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    Free Four  Rivers Demo
    Click here to download free Four Rivers Demo.
    The demo includes
    a selection from all tilesets in the full version.

    Play Online Four Rivers Shihensho
    Click here to play online java Four Rivers

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    Four Rivers Tutorial
    Click here for a CompliCat Four Rivers tutorial

    Four Rivers Screenshots

    CompliCat Four Rivers Screenshot

    CompliCat Four Rivers Screenshot

    CompliCat Four Rivers Screenshot

    CompliCat Four Rivers Screenshot

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