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CompliCat Concentration

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About CompliCat Concentration

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CompliCat Concentration - Game Options 

  • Starting a new game: click on Gamemenu and scroll down. You will see a list of available layouts with different table sizes. Choose a layout by clicking it and you will start a game
  • To restart game: Click on Game menu, scroll down and click Restart game option.
  • Changing difficulty level : there are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. Click on Options menu, scroll down to Difficulty Level and select. A list of three difficulty levels appears. Just click on the difficulty level you want to play. For the beginners it's better to play easy level, so you can be familiar with CompliCat Concentration rules.
  • Changing tileset : A tileset is a group of pictures (representing a theme) used to identify tiles. There are many tilesets included in your game (i.e. cats, flowers, animals etc.). You may select your favorite tileset for the game you're playing. Click Options menu, then scroll down to Tilesets and select. A list of available tilesets will appear. Choose one by clicking it and you have a new set of images for your game. You may change the set of pictures even during playing.
  • Changing background: you may choose the image behind tiles as you prefer. Click Options menu, scroll down to Background and select. A list of backgrounds is displayed. Click the one you want to see behind tiles. If you don't want a background image (just not to be distracted by it) you may click Blank option.
  • Turn On/Off the sound: you may turn off the sound if you don't want to be disturbed from playing. Go to Options menu and click it, than scroll to Sound and click it. Clicking again that option you can turn on the sound.
  • Modify tiles height: you can choose tiles height from a list of values as you prefer (taller or shorter). Go to Options menu, click it than scroll to Tiles Height option and click on it. Select the value you want from the list and click on OK button.
  • Clear all scores: erase all scores from Hall Of Fame. Go to Options menu, click on it and scroll down to Clear All Scores and click it. Use carefully this option only if you really want to erase all scores in the Hall Of Fame.
  • Hall Of Fame: displays the best ten scores gathered in CompliCat Concentration playing. To see it just go to Hall Of Fame and click on it.
  • Pause: you may choose to pause the game if you need. When you come back the time is stopped where you left it. Go to Pause and click on it. Clicking it again the time is passing again and you may play.
  • About: some information about CompliCat Concentration. Just click About option.
  • Help: starts help informations. Click on Help option.



Complicat Concentration Rules

CompliCat Concentration rules are very simple: 

  • You may eliminate only the tiles which are matching, in pairs.
  • Two tiles are matching if they have the same picture.
  • You have to select matching tiles in pairs until there's no tile left on the table.
  • Click on a tile to uncover it, then click the next. If the selected tiles are matching they disappear.



How to play CompliCat Concentration

First step in playing is to start a new game, of course. Click Game menu and you'll see a list of games with different sizes tables. Just click the game you want to play.

After you started the game playing Concentration Puzzle is simple: you have to click one tile to uncover the tile face, then another tile. If the tiles have the same image, they are removed. Just click the first tile, than the second tile and so on.You have to eliminate tiles until there's no one left on the table.

The goal of CompliCat Concentration is to recover all the tiles in a minimum time so you could figure in the Hall Of Fame.


Free Concentration Demo Download
FREE Concentration Demo
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selection from all tilesets
in the full version.

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Concentration Tutorial
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Concentration Screenshots

CompliCat Concentration Screenshot

CompliCat Concentration Screenshot

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